SMA Annual Award Categories

Award of Merit
The Award of Merit, the highest honor the Society can bestow, is to recognize outstanding meritorious services in advancing the principals, ideals, and practices of arboriculture and is presented to one who has contributed materially to the promotion of the Society. The Award shall be granted only to members of the Society who have made material contributions to the advancement of arboriculture either through internal organization, general research, invention, promotion, or field practice.

Award of Achievement
The Award of Achievement may be granted to any individual or firm who has, through specific projects or programs, contributed to the advancement of the use and/or maintenance of shade trees and other landscape plants.  The person or firm being considered for this award is recognized for outstanding accomplishments during recent years.

Honorary Life Membership
Honorary Life Membership shall be granted only to members of the Society who have contributed materially and substantially to the progress of arboriculture and have given unselfishly of their efforts in supporting and promoting the objectives of the Society over time.

Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership shall be limited to individuals who are not members of the Society, to recognize those individuals who have shown continued interest and who have given outstanding service in promoting arboriculture.  Recipients will have given material contributions to the advancement of arboriculture either through research, field practice, promotion, invention, or literature.

Other Awards, Citations and Honors
Other awards, citations or honors may be recommended by the Awards and Scholarship Committee for student academic excellence in arboriculture or related programs, for outstanding contributions as an author for SMA publications, or for other activities and contributions that have meritoriously contributed to the advancement of the profession, or to the objectives of SMA as deemed advisable by the Committee and as approved by the Executive Board.

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