Green Communities are $mart Communities

SMA has recently developed a set of Urban Forestry Best Management Practices for use by municipal arborists, planners, urban foresters, concerned citizens, green industry professionals, or anyone interested in creating and sustaining trees and green space in their communities.

They are designed to be simple, easy to understand, and versatile for anyone wishing to explain, understand, or investigate the many ways in which green development makes good economic sense.

Best Management Practices

The series of BMP documents utilize visual imagery to describe various management techniques and benefits. Each is supplemented with a list of internet links providing greater detail, applicable tools, examples, and other citations to reinforce each topic.

Formatted into 3 main topics, the documents take a look at WHY trees are important to communities, WHERE trees fit into a community, and WHO works with and manages community trees. These colorful flyers are ideal for use at local events, as educational materials, or as support material for program development.


This publication was funded in whole or in part through a Forest Service National Urban and Community Forestry Grant as recommended by the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council.

Vegetative Risk Management Planning

This project, funded in whole or in part by the U. S. Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost Share Grant Program, as recommended by the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council, was developed as a collaboration tool to engage Urban Forestry professionals and Emergency Managers on a regional level to develop Vegetative Risk Management Plans (VRMP).

The goals of a VRMP are to reduce the impact of storms on the urban forest, lessen personal injuries and property damage and decrease emergency management cost.

In addition to a Vegetation Risk Management Template, detailed instructions on how to develop the associated GIS tool, the Urban Tree Risk Index (UTRI), are provided in the link below. The UTRI is a GIS tool that models tree risk zones, prioritizes tree risk assessments, creates a worksheet for use in the field for verification of action necessary for mitigation, and assists decision makers in identifying debris staging areas.

The PDF below includes links to:

  • Vegetation Risk Management Plan (VRMP) Template
  • VRMP Verification and Inspection Worksheet
  • Urban Tree Risk Index (UTRI) Data Process and GIS Tool Description


  • Collaboration Opportunities for Urban Forestry and Emergency Management
  • Debris Management – Staging Areas
  • Vegetation Risk Management Template

Archived Webinar Presentations:

  • Urban Tree Risk and Disasters: Assessment, Planning and Recovery
  • VRMP and UTRI
  • UTRI - Risk zones, assessments, and mitigation
  • VRMP and Debris Management – Debris staging areas

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