Muncipal Liaison John Dudzinsky Virginia

John Dudzinsky

Community Forester


State Coordinator

Barbara White, [email protected]

People you should know:

Barbara White, VA State Urban Forestry Coordinator

Jay Banks, President, Virginia Urban Forest Council

Dr. Eric Wiseman, Associate Professor Virginia Tech

Adam Downing, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Lauren McCallister, MAC-ISA President

Coming events in State:

Arborist Certification Class:

Arborist Certification Exam:

Tree Risk Assessment Renewal:

TRAQ 3 Day Course:

MAC_ISA Annual Meeting:

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Community Forester, Town of Herndon, Virginia

Employed by the Town of Herndon for 29 years.  ISA Certified Arborist, VA Certified Commercial Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator, Tree Risk Assessor